We did not spend much time in Cairo, just a bus ride through it to get to the Pyramids of Giza.

The people here are very nice, though it is very crowded! Traffic was a nightmare!

Due to time constraints and traffic, we were unable to get to the museum in Cairo !! :-(

The Mohammad Ali Mosque in Cairo. (no, not the boxer!)


A Christian Church

Want to buy a goat? (or whatever they are!)

Another Mosque. The Minarets look very nice at night too. Most of the ones I've seen have green lights in them.

Look at the Pyramids in the background! They are right next to Cairo.

You see a lot of "unfinished" houses in Egypt. It turns out that if your house is "unfinished", you don't pay any taxes on it!

Another Christian Church. Not too many of these here.

A mosque. Many of these here.

a street market in Cairo.

The pictures below are of the Nile River as it flows throw Cairo